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Facilities and Rental Information Michelle James Event Coordinator Phone: (813) 835-DIGC (3442)

Whether your event is a wedding, meeting, or concert, it's as important to us as it is to you. We strive to perfect every detail to make every occasion at the Davis Islands Garden Club special!

Have questions? Click Here for our Frequently Asked Questions!


The Davis Islands Garden Club has earned a reputation for its resplendent wedding occasions with its lush tropical and subtropical plants, serene sunsets and proximity to downtown Tampa. The setting and atmosphere is ideal for your boutique wedding or a beautiful blank canvas ready for you to turn the grounds into the fairytale wedding of your dreams. Come take a walk through our lush garden, enjoy the repose of the waterfront and enjoy its magical beauty. Our covered veranda adjacent to the rear of our ball room is perfect for your cocktail hour, bar or live entertainment.


The Davis Island Garden Club is the ideal place to host a meeting or party for your employees or clients. Just a mile and a half drive from downtown Tampa this is the perfect way to escape the hectic buzz of the city. An event held at the garden offers your guests a unique experience as well as a convenient location to hotels, shopping, museums, dining and entertainment. Why not wow your associates with a meeting in a beautifully lush landscape and waterfront setting? It’s a great impression of all that Tampa has to offer.


The Davis Island Garden Club hosts an annual fall concert to benefit the club & other non-profit organizations. We love to give back to the community that we so dearly cherish. Due to our semi-private location it is a great venue to have your own live music and entertainment. Check our Events Calendar to view our current schedule - click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is your capacity?
A: 150-175 People.

Q: Is anything else like linens or tables provided?
A: Only tables and chairs are included for inside, nothing else. We have tables & chairs for 150 people. We do also have 200 white folding chairs for outside the facility. They are the only additional charge at $2.00 + tax per chair.

Q: How long do I get the facility?
A: 10a.m. to the following 1a.m. The party must end by 11pm, allowing 2 hours for clean up; unless you are renting it for a corporate lunch M-Thurs, then it is for 5 hours. We only allow one event per day.

Q: What are your fees?
A: The deposit to secure a date is $700. The deposit is in addition to the rental fee. The $700 is refundable after your event less any damages. If you cancel your event it is non-refundable, unless you give at least 6 months notice & we can re-book your date.

These rates apply to: January, February, June, July, August, September,
and December These rates effective as of 1/1/11

Monday - Thursday $1200 + 7% tax= $1284
Friday $2000 + 7% tax= $2140
Saturday $3000 + 7% tax= $3210
Sunday $2000 + 7% tax= $2140
Monday-Thursday lunch/meeting $500 + 7% tax= $535

These rates apply to: March, April, May, October,
and November These rates effective as of 1/1/11

Monday - Thursday $1200 + 7% tax= $1284
Friday $2500 + 7% tax= $2675
Saturday $3500 + 7% tax= $3745
Sunday $2000 + 7% tax= $2140
Monday-Thursday lunch/meeting $500 + 7% tax= $535

Q: What is your lunch rate?
A: The deposit is $700(which is refundable, less any damages) & the rental (in addition the deposit) is $500 + tax. You get the facility for 5 hours of your choice. The lunch rate is only M-Thurs.

Q: Do you have preferred vendors that work at the club?
A: Yes, please click on the link to see them. Preferred Vendors: PDF

Q: Do you cater the food or can I bring my own?
A: We do have preferred vendors that work regularly at the garden club.

Q: Can I serve my own alcohol or have candles?
A: Yes, but we do require all events to obtain liability insurance to protect your family & us from any harm, accidents or lawsuits resulting from your event.

Q: Do you have any other fees or charges I should know about?
A: No.

Facilities & Rental Information:
Michelle James, Event Coordinator Phone: (813) 835-DIGC (3442) - Email


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